BridgeBestYesLocated in the historic town of Wrightsville, PA, Half Nuts Popcorn Co. LLC started with an entrepreneurial spirit and an opportunity to purchase a commercial popcorn machine. Throw in a lot of elbow grease and a few “Nuts” and a business was hem…born!

You may be asking yourself, “What makes this popcorn different (nay Better!) from all the other hundreds of brands out there?” The simple answer is…Home Cookin!

At Half Nuts Popcorn our chefs prepare each batch fresh – just for your order – in what we like to refer to as “The Kitchen”, which overlooks the banks of the Susquehanna River in Wrightsville, PA. This isn’t some dirty old factory that mass produces and stores popcorn for months at a time. This is small town, home cookin at it’s best!

To add to the growing legend of this savory treat, only the very best ingredients are used to produce the freshest, best tasting popcorn on the planet. Hours and hours of trial and error over the past several years have gone into the recipes that make us the best. Literally every brand and combination of butter, sugar, popcorn kernels, peanuts, flavorings and more were tried until the best quality was achieved.

And we aren’t finished yet! We will continually strive to keep our popcorn on the top of every taste and freshness list. We aim to please You, our customers…our friends, both present and future.

And how did the crazy name come about? Well, Gina has been told – more than a few times – that she is, indeed, “Half Nuts”. So in naming the company founded by this nutty dreamer, there was no better choice than Half Nuts Popcorn