FlossTimHNP Gina and Tim (Founders/Big Cheeses)

Gina (aka “The Old Maid”) has been in the food and beverage industry for more than 38 years and has always had a love for people and food! As Thee Big Cheese & Head Nut it is Gina’s energy and spirit that continually keeps us all driving forward and dreaming big!

Tim (aka “The Kernel”) spent more than 25 years running his own contracting business, but has always preferred to be in the kitchen swinging the whisk rather than the hammer. He is the brains of the operation (the only fully sane one) and heads our production efforts – creating that homemade deliciousness!

Together they simply want to add some fun to people’s lives by combining their passions for food and cooking and making the best popcorn on the planet! They’ve worked diligently for years to create the perfect recipes, and plan to continue creating new flavors and maintaining the highest possible quality standards to ensure every person who puts our popcorn in their mouths can taste the Half Nuts Difference. In their free time Gina and Tim enjoy…well…making popcorn! OK, maybe they enjoy an occasional round of golf, too.